Actus Fidei Global Faith Institute is a registered private company with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission under the legal name: Actus Fidei Global Investments Ltd (RC 1132589), equipping people with tools and resources so they can function effectively and efficiently in a secular world. We work with individuals, organizations and communities to inculcate family values and promote a greater sense of shared experience. We seek to serve all people, especially those who have a genuine commitment to improving the lives of others. We envision a society that respects human dignity and the sanctity of life and is committed to fostering our common heritage and destiny. We are committed to achieving this through holistic education, scholarly research, scriptural reasoning and public engagement.

At Actus Fidei Global Faith Institute, we recognize and value our humanity as "common ground" and foundation upon which a more profound understanding and connection with each other and all of life can be established. So we celebrate the awareness that each of us is a treasure to be explored, each playing a significantly unique role in the Divine plan. We constantly provide specialized trainings, products and services that encourage and support a natural reverence for life, the earth and all her diverse inhabitants, including tools and a treasure map, to support the journey to discover the inner treasure. The evidence is now everywhere that heart-to-heart, cross-border, inter-cultural civic communication are the new power on the road to life beyond war, beyond rankism. Garden-variety citizens' are becoming today's powerful diplomats and bridge-builders. Sustained Dialogue is providing the new Human Security. This is the new "action" of peacebuilding, a shining model to humankind of citizen diplomacy, human security, and building community that Actus Fidei Global Faith Institute presents. We are providing citizen-driven reconciliation and Human Security models and resources to individuals, organizations and communities dedicated to successful relationship-building among adversaries. 

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